Tell me you are not hearing the Super Mario Brothers theme music right now?

What? Why?

Nice! Very Nice!

What is this stuff hanging from the attic ceiling?

Pterodactyl Nests?

A second one?

Where does the vodka sauce go ?

Intestines or Foam Insulation?

Vent Stack – Almost Made it!

I hate it when there are parts left over!

Straight shot for Santa at this house.

Why is this house so cold?

 Because dust is not insulation.

Put a sock in it!

Who’s gonna check in the closet?

I do!

When 1 handrail is not enough,

 go with 3!

My highest temperature reading!

161 Degrees!

My highest Radon reading!

14.7 pCu/L!

Time to mitigate!


A lot of bees!

Rest in peace Mr. J.

The most narrow staircase ever!

My first triple tap!

A bird hole.

An Atari 400 Personal Computer sitting in the attic since 1979!

Box was empty.  🙁

Mushrooms growing in the basement ceiling.

Yes, that is a gun!

Why’d it have to be snakes!

And spiders!

And mice!

I hope it is not Mickey!

Dad Where is My Basketball

Dad, where is my basketball?

Honey, can you fix the tile?


I found this a-moos-ing

I’ll make it fit – light bulb

I’ll make it fit – toilet

Let us hope it is drought season

Voltage Tester
For that someone special

Coffee brightens my day

String Switch

     Am I seeing double?

Again, am I seeing double?

I wonder what plugged into this outlet?

Put a sock in it.

At the top…

…and the bottom.

The whole picture.