Why get a Pre-Listing Inspection?

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You probably read a dozen articles on a dozen home inspections sites as to why you as a seller should have an inspection done before you put your home up for sale.

Well let me tell you a tail of my personal experience of a Pre-Listing Inspection.

My sister and I had to put our parents house up for sale. It was a 52-year-old ranch style home. It was the home of an electrician.

We had selected a realtor, who upon doing a walk through of the house suggested putting the house on the market for $150,000 hoping to get $140,000.

The inspector did his thing, gave us a report and their was some major issues in the house, particularly the electrical.

Following the recommendation of the inspector, we were able upgrade the electrical, clean out the basement, which may or may not have had mold. Fixed the leaks in the foundation walls.

We invested about $6,000 to increase the value of the house to $175,000.

We ended up getting $179,000 for the house based upon the issues found in the inspection report.